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KC kcoriginal at yahoo.com
Tue Jul 29 15:58:27 CDT 2008

Right right right....

hence the past-tense intonation...

but Apple was superior for A LONG TIME...

actually... if you think about it... it's kind of amazing that they rebounded like they did.  They were nearly dead. What kept them alive?

Brad? What kept Apple alive in the 90's? I guess they resurged on the iMac... blueberry and grape and all... but was it Hollywood ALONE that supported them since the black and white Macs of the late 80's??
What else kept the company in existence through the 5-10 years between those and the late 90's iMac come-back?

But otherwise, yeah Nate... they are DEAD now...

I know.

All gains lost.

It used to be Apple that ruled the multimedia industry, but then they screwed that up, too... gave rise to Adobe taking over... Adobe gained their notoriety on Apple's platform, but Apple's A.S. was cutting their potential so... Adobe chose the superior platform to deal with, from a business perspective, and now its from a hardware perspective as well, Wintel.

the iPod came out of nowhere, then the iPhone, but the Mac is holding on only in the trendy upper class study's that I used to service PC's and electronics in... might be the upper crust, but the volume is nowehre near enough to support them without the iPod and iPhone...

So they are another Sony, now? (Sorry Sony fans... didn't mean that literally!) They are another consumer electronics company...? That's all, huh?

It's sad, and I MEAN that.

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> > Well, come on... it worked for Wintel... and Apple
> hardware was ALWAYS more stable... and for YEARS was better
> at graphics by leaps and bounds...
> That is no longer the case. In fact, the only way you can
> get a 64-bit
> version of Photoshop is to run it on Vista 64.
> ~Nate
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