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<still laughing>

Sorry Nate, run away chatroom typing. Forgive me! 

I HAD forgotten about the Newton, though. Another awesome product that was ahead of it's time. I was really inspired by those, though I never was in a position to buy one. There was a LONG gap between the Newton and whatever came next, huh?

What DID come next? Palm and Windows CE?

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> On Tue, 2008-07-29 at 13:46 -0700, KC wrote:
> > To keep it alive, though... you don't agree that
> if he hadn't been so damn expensive and closed source
> that his empire would have dwarfed Gates as his was built
> on a product that work far better and more reliably..? 
> > 
> > How could you deny that compliment I have always
> proffered Apple computer...? And that is where the
> vehemence comes from... the squandered potential. Windows
> 95 and the infamous "DONK!" BDS etc etc etc...
> Why was THAT my only choice?! And, after all those years...
> all those opportunities Jobs had to say, "Ok, I have
> forged my way to the top with a superior product... time to
> ratchet up the competition on this MS guy."
> > 
> > It's kinda sidebar parallel to the way Japan
> always has the cool phone cause the companies are milking
> out American consumer market for every penny they can... 
> > 
> > Makes me wonder how the Japanese can force their tech
> companies to deliver the more advanced products to them...
> and what we should do here to emulate it to get the tech
> ball rolling...
> Dude, I hate to harp on anybody's grammar, but please
> use complete
> sentences. Or at least get a little closer to it. It's
> getting hard to
> follow you.
> As far as the tech goes, I am really hoping that Ubuntu
> Mobile on an
> Atom device can approximate what Apple did with the old
> Newton
> Messagepad. I had a MP 2100 and it is still one of the
> coolest devices I
> have ever seen. The handwriting recognition was awesome,
> the clipboard
> was genius, making lists was so easy (a little thing, I
> know) and it
> just felt right. The only thing it lacked was a color
> screen and the
> benefits of miniaturization. Man, I miss that thing.
> ~Nate
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