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Well, if they just integrate that with 3g phone and get the pricing under control and it'll be perfect. No 'Weird' needed. :-D

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> > FWIW, the n800 doens't make a tremendously useful
> PDA when compared with
> > the Palm or WinCE devices. The latest software update,
> while visually
> > sexy, bogs the machine down so much it's barely
> usable. Video is also
> > total crap on it: it's painful to format DVD
> movies for it and it will
> > only play quarter screen videos (doubled to fill the
> screen) reliably.
> > Major foobar on Nokia's part, there is some
> bottleneck in the way the
> > signal is processed after it hits the DSP. I can't
> wait for the n9XX.
> > Should be much better.
> > 
> > 
> > ~Nate
> In defense of Nokia the n-series (n770, n800, etc.) was not
> really meant
> to be a PDA but a web-tablet.  I personally, made the
> mistake of
> purchasing it as a PDA and only found this out.  Now when I
> have a
> chance to go to a wireless city (like Austin) I find it
> very useful to
> do normal everyday stuff (like email and web surfing). 
> Given that I
> live in SA its usefulness is somewhat limited.  It does
> however make a
> pretty useful tool to find wireless networks though.
> just my 2 cents
> Todd
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