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Brad Knowles brad at shub-internet.org
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KC wrote:

> actually... if you think about it... it's kind of amazing that they
> rebounded like they did.  They were nearly dead. What kept them alive?

Steve Jobs and the original iMac.  After the iMac glow faded, it was Steve 
Jobs and the iPod.  Now that the iPod is fading, it looks like it's going to 
be Steve Jobs and the iPhone.

> Brad? What kept Apple alive in the 90's? I guess they resurged on the
> iMac... blueberry and grape and all... but was it Hollywood ALONE that
> supported them since the black and white Macs of the late 80's??

No, not Hollywood.  Most any graphics or media production group was always 
very heavy with Macs, after whatever proprietary hardware they were required 
to have as a part of their business.

So, non-linear video editing was done on Avid workstations, but they used 
Macs for most everything else.  Later, you could do a lot of simpler rough 
NLE on Macs, and you might have to reserve time in the hyper-expensive Avid 
suites for only the higher-end stuff.

And Apple had a tight relationship with the press industry going back long 
before video editing.

>                                                                   What
> else kept the company in existence through the 5-10 years between those
> and the late 90's iMac come-back?

For a while, they were able to coast on their previous achievements.  The 
Mac Clone era happened during this time.

But they didn't really start turning around until Steve Jobs came back, 
whacked off huge mucking parts of the company (and associated industry) and 
forced the remainder to have a laser-tight focus on their real business. 
That's when the original iMac was born.

>                                                            Adobe gained
> their notoriety on Apple's platform, but Apple's A.S. was cutting their
> potential so... Adobe chose the superior platform to deal with, from a
> business perspective, and now its from a hardware perspective as well,
> Wintel.

I think Adobe has finally figured out that they really shot themselves in 
the foot with a thermonuclear device, and they can pretty much kiss off the 
entire press/pre-press and computer graphics markets -- those have all gone 
commodity/mass-market, and they can't make their kinds of profits they 
require on low-end commodity/mass-market software.

They're now chasing the interactive multimedia market through Flash, 
although I don't think they have yet found a way to make a profit in this 

> the iPod came out of nowhere, then the iPhone, but the Mac is holding on
> only in the trendy upper class study's that I used to service PC's and
> electronics in... might be the upper crust, but the volume is nowehre
> near enough to support them without the iPod and iPhone...

Apple's Mac business has been picking up steam over the years, and they're 
in better position now than they have been in the previous decade since.

Besides, no one talks about BMW dying because they don't own 
99.99999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999% of the market.

I think people are finally starting to realize that it's okay to have more 
than one company in this business, and that the smaller companies can still 
live, continue to grow, and to even thrive with a smaller marketshare.

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