[SATLUG] Temperature monitoring in Linux

KC kcoriginal at yahoo.com
Tue Jul 29 17:39:48 CDT 2008

No, thanks, Ed... but no dice. It's prolly buried deep. But, no, I'm not referring to a proggie I installed, though I have tried inthe past to mess with lmsensors or whatever that is. It didn't like my machine.

>From what I am guessing, it IS getting hot, but HOT for a Pentium M is a higher threshold than most procs. I guessing that the shutdown feature is defaulted to something like 80 or 85 degrees C and my proc is spec'd for 100 degrees C. Either way, yes it IS HOT, but NO Mr. LinuxOS, I don't want you to shut down for me. I got it. I'll keep an eye on the temp myself. Thanks!


thx for your help, Ed.


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> On 7/29/08, KC <kcoriginal at yahoo.com> wrote:
> > In what config file of what module in what directory
> of what far corner of Linux-dom is the shutdown limit
> controlled from?
> >
> > I am not referring to the bug that is all over
> Google... I heard it was fixed anyway... I am referring to
> my Pentium M running at 80 C, 20 degrees below it's
> max, and being shutdown because most procs are dying at 80
> degrees and I need to tell the config that it's ok to
> let her go to 90....
> >
> > where is that? A kernel module? Compiled in?
> /etc/whoza/whatzit.conf ?
> >
> > I see the error message flowing by as it puts me into
> "sudo fu shutdown now now now now now ha ha ha ha
> ha"
> >
> > help!
> >
> > LOL
> >
> > thx in advance
> >
> > kc
> > --
> kc,
> I have sensors installed here, and the config file is
> /etc/sensors3.conf.
> Ed
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