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On 7/29/08, pixelnate at gmail.com wrote:

>            They have a monopoly on the printing industry,

PageMaker is so far out of the business that it doesn't even make the 
initial list of Adobe's own "products" menu.  You've got to hit the 
link to "All products" before you can find it.  And if you go to the 
InDesign page, they talk a lot more about all the various other 
products Adobe wants to sell you than they do about InDesign itself. 
If you go to their "Print Publishing" page, InDesign is even more 
invisible there.

Where does this constitute a "monopoly on the printing industry"?

>                                                           they have Flash
>  (enough said) and have a solid foothold in the video market with After
>  Effects.

On the high end, Adobe can't compete with Avid.  Even Final Cut Pro 
can't fully compare with Avid.  On the low end, Adobe can't compare 
with iMovie, and there are plenty of players in the market that are 
much better suited to take the "dead simple" crown away on Windows -- 
try Movie Maker, Roxio VideoWave, or any of dozens of others.  Oh, 
and then there's NewTek to contend with.

And you casually dismiss Flash, but the fact of the matter is that no 
one has figured out how to make any money with Flash, most especially 
not Adobe.

>  They sell the only app that produces Flash content. OK, it's not the
>  only way to produce Flash content, but it is the only one-stop-shop of
>  an app that will do it.

Adobe doesn't have a clue about Flash.  They think they do, but the 
real people who are doing real magic with Flash are groups like the 
UT Austin iSchool, which has taken sixty-five interviews done by Mike 
Wallace during his live TV program during the late fifties, they've 
fully transcribed each interview, and then hyperlinked each sentence 
to the segment in the video where that sentence is spoken.  The 
transcriptions are also searchable, so you can find all interviews 
that discussed a particular subject, like "sputnik".


And this is just one tiny part of the backlog of work that the 
iSchool has.  They've got ten times as much material yet to be 
transcribed, indexed, and fully cross-linked.  They use Flash because 
neither Apple nor Microsoft gets the concept of integrating 
interactive computer generated content along with and on top of the 
media, but they are as much hampered by Flash as they are enabled by 
its interactive capabilities.

Adobe doesn't have a clue.  They used to have a clue, but now they're 
a massive conglomerate of crap that they've accumulated over the 
years, they're unfocused, and more than half of their products should 
just be canceled outright, so that they can afford to devote some 
real time to making the other ones better.

>  Hey, Apple will do what Steve wants. I cannot change it. Even Linus uses
>  one, albeit with linux instead of OSX. See we're back on topic.

They do make the best Windows PC and Linux machine you can currently 
buy for that amount of money.  PC Magazine said so.

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