[SATLUG] Whatever happened to the Novelle LDAP Application?

Frank Huddleston fhuddles at yahoo.com
Thu Jul 31 13:16:11 CDT 2008


   Back in 1999-2000, I remember a Novelle rep came to my place of work 
and demonstrated a Novelle LDAP Directory Server application that 
offered single sign-on, etc. for "everything", including Windows (which 
was NT 4.0 at the time). It was kind of like Active Directory before AD, 
and didn't just work with Windows.
Anyway, does anyone know what happened to that application? I thought I 
heard that Red Hat picked it up.
  And, more specifically relevant to this LUG, does anyone use something 
like this (I guess by that I mean some kind of directory) in their 
configuration? Does OpenLDAP do this kind of thing, if properly configured?
  And more broadly: what do you all use to enable interoperability 
between your machines? NIS maybe? I had hoped that this would be part of 
a new SATLUG Wiki section: "How My Systems Are Set Up", or something 
like that. But since the Wiki is still not accessible for 
writing/additions, I guess I'll have to settle for the email approach.
On my systems I just add my account individually to each system's 
/etc/passwd or whatever, and have to make sure the UIDs and GIDs match. 
I use nfs to share
files and directories, via automount. I have a Mac G4/400 PowerMac Tower 
running OS 10.3.9, a Mac G4/1.67 running OS 10.4.11, a Dell PII/400 
running NetBSD 4.0, and a ThinkPad T20/650MHz running Debian (testing, 
which I think is Etch/Sarge, but I haven't checked recently). I have a 
DSL internet connection, coming into an AirPort station, which handles 
wireless for the PowerMac and the ThinkPad. From the AirPort I've got a 
cable going to a switch, into which are plugged the PowerMac and the 
Dell. There's a USB HP DeskJet printer plugged into the AirPort, and I 
print from the Macs via Rendezvous. I don't have the Linux/Unix 
computers set up to print at all.
Those are the basics: I"ll save more detail for the Wiki entry...

Sorry: I've digressed. I have three interrelated queries:
1) The Novelle LDAP app: where is it now?
2) Does anyone use LDAP, and...
3) What do you use to enable interoperation of the computers on your LAN?


Frank Huddleston

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