[SATLUG] Whatever happened to the Novelle LDAP Application?

Leo E. Midha leoem at stealth3.com
Thu Jul 31 13:30:19 CDT 2008

Can't really answer most of your questions, but the offering you are 
asking about is now called Novel eDirectory.

Frank Huddleston wrote:
> Greetings,
>   Back in 1999-2000, I remember a Novelle rep came to my place of work 
> and demonstrated a Novelle LDAP Directory Server application that 
> offered single sign-on, etc. for "everything", including Windows (which 
> was NT 4.0 at the time). It was kind of like Active Directory before AD, 
> and didn't just work with Windows.
> Anyway, does anyone know what happened to that application? I thought I 
> heard that Red Hat picked it up.
>  And, more specifically relevant to this LUG, does anyone use something 
> like this (I guess by that I mean some kind of directory) in their 
> configuration? Does OpenLDAP do this kind of thing, if properly configured?
>  And more broadly: what do you all use to enable interoperability 
> between your machines? NIS maybe? I had hoped that this would be part of 
> a new SATLUG Wiki section: "How My Systems Are Set Up", or something 
> like that. But since the Wiki is still not accessible for 
> writing/additions, I guess I'll have to settle for the email approach.
> On my systems I just add my account individually to each system's 
> /etc/passwd or whatever, and have to make sure the UIDs and GIDs match. 
> I use nfs to share
> files and directories, via automount. I have a Mac G4/400 PowerMac Tower 
> running OS 10.3.9, a Mac G4/1.67 running OS 10.4.11, a Dell PII/400 
> running NetBSD 4.0, and a ThinkPad T20/650MHz running Debian (testing, 
> which I think is Etch/Sarge, but I haven't checked recently). I have a 
> DSL internet connection, coming into an AirPort station, which handles 
> wireless for the PowerMac and the ThinkPad. From the AirPort I've got a 
> cable going to a switch, into which are plugged the PowerMac and the 
> Dell. There's a USB HP DeskJet printer plugged into the AirPort, and I 
> print from the Macs via Rendezvous. I don't have the Linux/Unix 
> computers set up to print at all.
> Those are the basics: I"ll save more detail for the Wiki entry...
> Sorry: I've digressed. I have three interrelated queries:
> 1) The Novelle LDAP app: where is it now?
> 2) Does anyone use LDAP, and...
> 3) What do you use to enable interoperation of the computers on your LAN?
> Thanks,
> Frank Huddleston

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