[SATLUG] O.T. but not really

john mashl jmashl at gmail.com
Thu Jul 31 14:09:45 CDT 2008

    Recently laid out a serious chunk of cash for the F.O.A. certified
fiber optic Tech course taught by owner/instructor Dennis Fain


it was truly outstanding. in one week we ("2 students") went thru a
text book and did several labs doing terminations sc,st, and splices
as well as troubleshooting methods using power light meters,
O.T.D.R's  and outher tools.which brings up the linux part of the post

"what tools and aplications are availible for linux that the "outher
o.s." doesnt have?
 "could you rig up a box with two opticial nic cards and monitor pass
thru traffic?"
"what would your ultimate tool kit consist of?" ie

and last but not least, anyone looking for a newly minted F.O.T. who
is ready to aplly his newfound knowledge???

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