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Brad Knowles brad at shub-internet.org
Thu Jul 31 20:45:46 CDT 2008

On 7/31/08, Al Castanoli wrote:

>  I never tried any of the WinCE flavored Treos, but liked the Treo300 and
>  Treo600 I used better than the Blackberry models I used, but found
>  having 24/7 access to email was a real hassle.  As a system
>  administrator, I like having some down time when I'm not expected to
>  check email all the time.

I had a Treo 650 and a Treo 680.  IMO, the keyboard on these models 
was better than anything Blackberry (or anyone else in that niche) 
ever created.  But PalmOS should have died ten years ago, and been 
replaced with something more modern.  Unfortunately, it got replaced 
by WinCE, which is a huge step backwards.

I never saw a good IMAP client on any Palm device.  They were fine 
with POP3, but not IMAP.  And I never saw an e-mail client on any 
Palm device that could handle more than one e-mail account.  So far 
as I know, this situation is/was as true for WinCE as PalmOS -- or 
Blackberry, for that matter.

On the iPhone, the IMAP client isn't great, but it's okay.  And the 
mail program isn't the best overall, but it's getting better -- my 
biggest complaint is the need to be able to select large numbers of 
messages and then perform actions on them, like moving them all to a 
subfolder.  Moreover, it can handle more than one account, and do so 
reasonably well.

And the fact that I can access e-mail 24x7 is by no means an 
indicator that I actually do -- even over WiFi or 3G, it's just too 
slow.  But on an as-needed basis, it works fine.

>  There was a lot of buzz on engadget a few months ago about Palm
>  abandoning the PalmOS in favor of Linux.

In theory, that's the direction they're going.  But it's going to 
take a lot longer to see what really happens.  In the meanwhile, 
they've tied themselves to the WinCE Albatross, and I don't seem them 
being able to un-ring that bell.

>  If Palm moves to Linux and I can still do all with it that I can now
>  with PalmOS, I'd be glad to move to a Linux PDA.

At that point, why not just use a PalmOS emulator from another 
company?  They work reasonably well, and if you're that tied down to 
PalmOS then they give you a pretty good solution.

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