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Nothing LOL, but being from H-Town aka Houston, I was
near the borderline of going to Lamar HS. If I lived
on the other side of the train tracks, I wouldn't of
had to go to Jack Yates HS on the other side of HW 218
(I think that's it). The school is in the middle of
all the ghettos, 3rd ward, 5th ward, Yellowstone,
etc., where I was influenced by many there and some
rap. I listen to rock also just like some black people
listen to white people's music. I don't act like a
gangster, nor do I want to be one. Travis was
listening to a funny song by Weird Al Yanovic used to
immitate another well known rap song called "White and
Nerdy". Here's a sample of the lyrics.

"I wanna roll with the gangsters
But so far they all think I'm too white and nerdy
Think I'm just too white and nerdy"


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> You just admitted to listening to 3-6.  Whatya know
> bout North Memphis?
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