[SATLUG] broken cpu pin fell off

Chris Lemire good_bye300 at yahoo.com
Mon Jun 2 13:21:48 CDT 2008

This picture was in one of my previous posts to the
list before I installed the new cooling system.


I pulled the stock heatsync w/fan off of the mobo, and
the cpu was stuck to that heatsync pulling the cpu off
as well. When that happened, one pin bent. I attempted
to straighten it out, and when I got it straight, it
came off. I've been Googling and trying a method to
fix that. I was wondering if anyone else had luck
fixing the problem. I'm now using the p2 Debian
computer that I'd been using as used as a server for
my printer, etc. with Encrypted Logical Volumes,
Enlightenment 17 svn (camo theme and black with red
animated Debian swirl 3d logo rotating endlessly as
wallpaper). Now that I know about this problem and how
common it is, I'll be extra careful and avoid taking
the cpu out it possible. I've worked with cpu, mobo,
and other components many times in the past and never
encountered this. What I did try was taking a cpu pin
off another unused cpu and dropping it in the hole.
Then I put the processor on top and started the
computer. I turned on the computer. Everything powers
up as normal, no beep speaker noises, but nothing will
display on the monitor. I've tried another monitor,
taking all unnecessary to start up devices off to
narrow down the problem, reseating video card and ram
and still nothing. This has been hell. My cpu was one
of the first AMD X2s. It is socket 939. They dropped
down in price to as low as $50 on Newegg.com, and
then, Newegg stopped carrying them. They became rare
and expensive. I thought of other possibilities such
as upgrading, but because I planned on not upgrading
for a while, I bought 2 gb dual channel ddr memory for
about $135, and to upgrade means that I won't be able
to use that. Other factors are cost of course. Next, I
think I am going to try another method that I saw
common from Googling. Many claimed these various ways
worked for them without the cpu performing any less
than before. The other method is to use copper wire
from an ethernet cable and drop it in the socket
holes. I'm not sure that the pins from the old cpu are
making contact with the cpu, but using the other
method allows me to make the wire as long as I'd like
but also not too long either. Any one been down these

Christopher Lemire <christopher.lemire at gmail.com>
Fedora 64 bit Linux Raid Level 1


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