[SATLUG] broken cpu pin fell off

herb cee hc at lookcee.com
Mon Jun 2 16:53:57 CDT 2008

Chris Lemire wrote:
> This picture was in one of my previous posts to the
> list before I installed the new cooling system.
> http://img48.imageshack.us/my.php?image=00008nn1.jpg
> I pulled the stock heatsync w/fan off of the mobo, and
> the cpu was stuck to that heatsync pulling the cpu off
> as well. When that happened, one pin bent. I attempted
> to straighten it out, and when I got it straight, it
> came off. I've been Googling and trying a method to
> fix that. I was wondering if anyone else had luck
> fixing the problem. I'm now using the p2 Debian
> computer that I'd been using as used as a server for
> my printer, etc. with Encrypted Logical Volumes,
> Enlightenment 17 svn (camo theme and black with red
> animated Debian swirl 3d logo rotating endlessly as
> wallpaper). Now that I know about this problem and how
> common it is, I'll be extra careful and avoid taking
> the cpu out it possible. I've worked with cpu, mobo,
> and other components many times in the past and never
> encountered this. What I did try was taking a cpu pin
> off another unused cpu and dropping it in the hole.
> Then I put the processor on top and started the
> computer. I turned on the computer. Everything powers
> up as normal, no beep speaker noises, but nothing will
> display on the monitor. I've tried another monitor,
> taking all unnecessary to start up devices off to
> narrow down the problem, reseating video card and ram
> and still nothing. This has been hell. My cpu was one
> of the first AMD X2s. It is socket 939. They dropped
> down in price to as low as $50 on Newegg.com, and
> then, Newegg stopped carrying them. They became rare
> and expensive. I thought of other possibilities such
> as upgrading, but because I planned on not upgrading
> for a while, I bought 2 gb dual channel ddr memory for
> about $135, and to upgrade means that I won't be able
> to use that. Other factors are cost of course. Next, I
> think I am going to try another method that I saw
> common from Googling. Many claimed these various ways
> worked for them without the cpu performing any less
> than before. The other method is to use copper wire
> from an ethernet cable and drop it in the socket
> holes. I'm not sure that the pins from the old cpu are
> making contact with the cpu, but using the other
> method allows me to make the wire as long as I'd like
> but also not too long either. Any one been down these
> routes?

Chris, one time way back in mid 90's I broke a pin like that and i used 
fillings from solid silver solder to mash into the hole I used a small 
sculpturing knife to guide a tiny bit down in the hole so an exact'o 
knife or #11 scalpel would work and reseated the pin and it worked but 
that was on much older think a .486 -33khts cpu, but you have nothing to 
lose so give that a try with powered silver from any source like a piece 
of jewelry. I never tried to pull that CPU after so get ready to not do 
that if it works???
Good luck bro

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