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I sent this reply at 4:41 and a reply to chris 'Broken CPU pin thread, 
at 4:53. Neither has appeared on the SATLUG list .... can someone tell 
me why? the copy made it to my sent folder using Thunderbird ....

Thanks herb

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Don Crowder wrote:
> When I make an error in typing a URL into the browser address bar I 
> get a page of garbage from Verizon instead of an ordinary "page not 
> found" page.  For example, here's a screenshot of the page I get if I 
> manually type in the URL for google but leave out the 'dot' before the 
> 'com':
> http://www.don-guitar.com/photos/vz-url-error.png

Yeah I would love to know also since I am getting same thing and also 
dunno how to even google the question. I am still running Ubuntu 7.10 on 
a 1.7 P-IV with Nivida card 5200 and 5port intranet router. getting 
ready to move on to 8.10 just have to make a new partition and back up 
my files bout 9gig so not bad.

This makes me wonder about several distros including FireFox 3.0 beta to 
replace the currently installed that is now hanging hard freeze 
on any opening of a RSS feed page that began few days ago.
> I'm really annoyed about this but I'm also aware than I haven't enough 
> education to understand the full implications of what's taking place 
> so I'd greatly appreciate a newbie-friendly analysis with an 
> explanation of the ramifications.

Yeah, ditto that
> Yes, in case you're wondering, I'm trying to take advantage of your IT 
> knowledge and experience (since I have almost none) but if I use the 
> information in my ezine or a blog rant I'll give you due credit.  :)
I only give credit first 3 times I pass it on after that .... it's up 
for grabs, lol

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