[SATLUG] GRUB problem

Charles Mims chmims at gmail.com
Mon Jun 2 19:45:41 CDT 2008

I have just upgraded from 2 IDE HD and 1 SATA HD, by replacing the 2 IDE
with another SATA.
The original SATA has Fedora9, Ubuntu, and CentOS.  I have installed WiinXP
and Redhat 5
on the new SATA drive and grub is installed in the MBR on the new SATA
drive.  So the new drive
is /dev/sda and the original is /dev/sdb.

Here is my problem.  I  have edited the grub.conf in Redhat.  Ubuntu and
CentOS will load fine.
However I cannot get Fedora9  to load.

When I try to load Fedora9 I get an error 2 message when trying to load the
      " Bad file or directory type"
According to the grub manual, this error is returned if a file requested is
not a regular file,
but something like a symbolic link, directory, or FIFO.

This is what I copied from Fedora grub.conf to the Redhat grub.conf
I did edit the root line to show it was now on hd1.

     title Fedora (
             root (hd1,0)
             kernel /boot/vmlinuz- ro
root=UUID=54e24e43-3728-497e-b92a-f494b44fea6e rhgb quiet
             initrd /boot/initrd-

I have tried changing 'root=' to various e.g. /dev/sdb1 with the same
results.   I noticed that the permissions on the kernel
were 755, but on the other distros 644.  Changing these did not help.

Of course the easy solution is just reinstall Fedora9-it is only a few days
old, but I would like to figure it out.


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