[SATLUG] Verizon feeding ads on URL errors (2)

Don Crowder donguitar at gmail.com
Mon Jun 2 20:13:34 CDT 2008

Ok, sorry I wasn't more clear.

I connect to the web via Verizon DSL.

"DNS server" is the language I was looking for but unsure of.  Under 
normal circumstances the "internet" would feed me a "site not found" 
signal and my browser would display a default error page. In this case, 
Verizon is "intercepting" the error and feeding me a page of their 
choosing.  I will grant that some of the words on that page are...

"Sorry, 'www.googlecom' does not exist or is not available."

and that's ok, because I deliberately left out the 'dot' in the google 
URL in order to get the error page so I could make a screenshot of it. 
What I'm "on" about is below the line which says...

"Search Results Provided By Yahoo!"

where the following information is displayed under a heading of "Other 

Movies, Free Music, Television (On the error page each word is a link)
Jobs, Shopping, Finance (links)
Software, Hardware, Internet (links)

Distance Learning, Colleges, K-12  (links)
Music, TV Shows, Movies  (links)
Elections, Military, Law  (links)

Fitness, Drugs, Nutrition (links)
Newspapers, Weather, Radio (links)
Food, Travel, Sports (links)

Maps, Phone Numbers, Dictionaries (links)
Europe, Asia, North America (links)
Auctions, Clothing, Beauty. (links)

My contention is that all of these are likely to be "sponsored" links, 
i.e. advertising and to a captive audience, albeit temporarily, which is 
thus an unethical practice.  That makes me angry.

Verizon makes it very difficult for you to sign up for their DSL service 
without agreeing to accept service from Yahoo, MSN or AOL.

It's impossible to configure a Verizon DSL account without Internet 
Explorer (once configured any browser, or OS for that matter, will work 
just fine)

On top of everything else, they're using my typos to feed me unethical 

The only alternative high speed access in my community is about three 
times the price of Verizon DSL so they have, in essence, a monopoly and 
they're certainly acting upon it.

Oh well, eventually I'll have an affordable alternative and I'll vote 
with my wallet, meanwhile, thanks for your comments.
Don Crowder

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