[SATLUG] OT: Installing Minix3 on this p2

Chris Lemire good_bye300 at yahoo.com
Mon Jun 2 20:20:23 CDT 2008

debian:/home/chris# grep "model name\|cpu MHz"
model name      : Pentium II (Klamath)
cpu MHz         : 266.615
debian:/home/chris# man vmstat
Reformatting vmstat(8), please wait...
debian:/home/chris# man free
Reformatting free(1), please wait...
debian:/home/chris# free -mt
             total       used       free     shared   
buffers     cached
Mem:           187        176         10          0   
      4         43
-/+ buffers/cache:        129         58
Swap:          355         65        290
Total:         543        242        301

Gosh! I didn't realize this computer was so pitiful. I
thought it was less pitiful than that. No wonder I
have to wait for my mouse cursor to move in time
delays. Minix 3 is still in development, includs gcc,
etc. build tools, and now in this release, it includes
X. That's nice, but I see this is a good opertunity to
learn the command line better. I have to concerns
though about doing that.

1. I have successfully ran Minix3 inside of VMWare,
but this time, I don't have the computer horsepower to
spare, and I'll be using the cli only more when I'm
forced to, and it's not a virtual machine. The problem
could be hardware support. I looked and could not find
a HCL.

2. Is any text based browsers such as w3m, links2, and
lynx going to support some webpages such as gmail? Am
I going to have trouble loading some pages correctly
or at all?

Chris L.

Christopher Lemire <christopher.lemire at gmail.com>

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