[SATLUG] broken cpu pin fell off

Chris Lemire good_bye300 at yahoo.com
Mon Jun 2 21:38:01 CDT 2008

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> On Mon, 2008-06-02 at 11:21 -0700, Chris Lemire
> wrote:
> > I attempted
> > to straighten it out, and when I got it straight,
> it
> > came off. I've been Googling and trying a method
> to
> > fix that.
> Dude, that proc is hosed. There are no fixes.

I thought it was worth a try.

> > My cpu was one
> > of the first AMD X2s. It is socket 939. They
> dropped
> > down in price to as low as $50 on Newegg.com, and
> > then, Newegg stopped carrying them. They became
> rare
> > and expensive.
> That's only because the supply is low. That is an
> old proc. 

I understand the reason why. If my proc was in good
condition, that would make it even easier to sell and
upgrade. I'll keep that in mind for the future.

> If you don't
> want to pony up the cash for the proc, then it's
> time to pony up for an
> AM2 proc and mobo. You can normally find decent
> cpu/mobo deals at Fry's.
> Check out the deal section of the anandtech.com
> website forums. I have
> found the best deals there.

Read my other email that I had just sent. Are those
deals that you are finding better than the ones on
Newegg and Ebay, even with the travel to Austin, or
maybe I can have it shipped from Austin? Does it still
come out as a better deal? In the mean time, I want to
run Minix3 on this computer no GUI if the hardware is
supported. It may have limited hardware support. I
need mutt setup for these emails with gpg

> >  I thought of other possibilities such
> > as upgrading, but because I planned on not
> upgrading
> > for a while, I bought 2 gb dual channel ddr memory
> for
> > about $135, and to upgrade means that I won't be
> able
> > to use that.
> Not necessarily. I have an AM2 setup with ddr2 800
> memory.

My memory isn't ddr2. It's regular ddr. I don't think
anyone refers to it as ddr1, but you could call it
that if you want to compare. Here's a link to it.


I could have actually got a better deal on ddr2, but
one of the drawbacks of my mobo is it only supporting
ddr, and I already had ddr memory, so I made that
sacrifice, and I was planning not to upgrade for a

Originally costed me $135, and I went for that because
of two reasons. I was pretty happy with my computer
performance. Even if I had a faster proc, it would
have made 0 performance gains on FPS Frames Per
Second. The games are gpu bound. Just ask Mike L. He
spends most of the time reading at Tom'shardware and
has done test of his own. He had his processor set at
a slow speed. Then he drastically OC'd it, and got 0
performance gain with FPS in games. Though my
processor wasn't the fastest out there, I was quite
happy with it, and felt no strong desire to upgrade.
With a 8800 gts in pci express 16x, I never even felt
the need to overclock. I was running 99% of games at
full settings 1600x1200 resolution. Like I said in an
earlier thread, that caused overheating after 30~45
minutes of gaming like that, so that's why I went with
the extra cooling shown in the picture. The drawback
on that cooling system was Altecs sold it to me with
missing mounting parts. They said the user had
returned it, so they marked down the price. They
pretended not to know what was wrong with it. I took
the gamble and had to hack something together to make
it work which involved bending my existing cpu clip to
make it work. It was sold with no mounting hardware.
It looks really cool when powered up and yes it does
sound like a lear jet engine when I crank one of those
two volume type controls on it for fan speed, but if
I'm not doing anything intensive, and I want less
noise, I can lower the fan speeds. It lights up in
several places with the front changing from about 5
different colors, red, white, green, blue, etc., very
cool looking. And it naturally fitted right to work
well with my current airflow.

> >  Other factors are cost of course. Next, I
> > think I am going to try another method that I saw
> > common from Googling. Any one been down these
> > routes?
> Dude quit while you're ahead and don't risk burning
> your house down.
> Just sell some peppers and go get some new gear.

What do you mean that I'm ahead? I'm trying to
understand, but I don't know what you mean by that.
Speaking of burning the house down, I blew up a stock
420 watt PSU w/2 320gb sata2s in raid 1, 2 dual layer
dvd burners, 2 gb dual channel gskill memory, and most
importantly a newborn baby size beast 8800 gts video
card playing Nexuiz for about 20 minutes straight when
I first got it. It was great until I saw sparks flying
in the middle of the night and then a burnt electronic
smell that made it from my room to the living room. I
went nuts for 3 days waiting for Newegg to ship a 750
watt FSP Group PSU. Yep, Can't wait to start making
money off of edible parts of those plants. Do you know
if there is any demand for that?

> ~Nate
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