[SATLUG] broken cpu pin fell off

Tweeks tweeksjunk2 at theweeks.org
Mon Jun 2 23:40:26 CDT 2008

On Monday 02 June 2008 01:21:48 pm Chris Lemire wrote:
> This picture was in one of my previous posts to the
> list before I installed the new cooling system.
> http://img48.imageshack.us/my.php?image=00008nn1.jpg
> I pulled the stock heatsync w/fan off of the mobo, and
> the cpu was stuck to that heatsync pulling the cpu off
> as well. When that happened, one pin bent. I attempted
> to straighten it out, and when I got it straight, it
> came off. I've been Googling and trying a method to
> fix that. I was wondering if anyone else had luck
> fixing the problem.

If you deem it worth you time (over just buying a new one), then yes.. just 
about anything is "fixable" (as long as you didn't let the magic smoke 
out ;).

Here's a graphical tutorial on fixing  broken DIP package pins that I wrote 
back in college:
	(hehe.. done on my Amiga and DPaint IV)

Anyway.. the principal is about the same with a PGA (Pin Grid Array) chip, 
except you're soldering a pin down to form a T-junction instead of lining two 
conductors in parallel.  A T junction is much more fragile, so you need to 
pre clean and tin the base first (crub it with a wire brush) and tin it well 
first... but yeah.. it works.  Now  if the pin broke absolutely flush with 
the CPU underside, then you may need to carefully dremel the surrounding 
ceramic or poly-carb casing away slightly around the base of the pin, then 
clean it (with a wire brush), then tin it, then solder on your new pin.  
NOTE: ONLY use cylindrical pins.. NOT a flat pin! And also try to get the 
right diameter too (compare your pin scrap to the other pin diameters.  Your 
pin diameter will depend on what family of prob you have)

There's a guy who used to provide such services via mail order.  
Motherboardrepair.com or something I think.. but the site seems to be gone.  
Some chatter on the over clocker sites talk about alternative "hacks" to 
resoldering the pin back:
Basically the hack is to take some solid copper wire (or fuse wire), cut it to 
length to sit down into the CPU ZIF socket so that it's perfectly lined up 
with the base where the pin was, and just push the CPU back into place and 
lock it into the socket.  Basically changing your PGA chip to a kind of home 
made BGA (ball grid array) pressure-type fit.  If you're not good with a 
soldering iron, you might want to try that cheap hack first. :)

Good luck.


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