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Charles Hogan cd_satl at futuretechsolutions.com
Tue Jun 3 08:23:37 CDT 2008

I'm getting about a 3 hour lag between posting something and it showing 
up in my in-box.  Not sure when it started, but it was recently.

Dennis Myhand wrote:
> I saw and read both of your replies Herb.
> herb cee wrote:
>> I sent this reply at 4:41 and a reply to chris 'Broken CPU pin thread, 
>> at 4:53. Neither has appeared on the SATLUG list .... can someone tell 
>> me why? the copy made it to my sent folder using Thunderbird ....
>> Thanks herb
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>> Don Crowder wrote:
>>> When I make an error in typing a URL into the browser address bar I 
>>> get a page of garbage from Verizon instead of an ordinary "page not 
>>> found" page.  For example, here's a screenshot of the page I get if I 
>>> manually type in the URL for google but leave out the 'dot' before 
>>> the 'com':
>>> http://www.don-guitar.com/photos/vz-url-error.png
>> Yeah I would love to know also since I am getting same thing and also 
>> dunno how to even google the question. I am still running Ubuntu 7.10 
>> on a 1.7 P-IV with Nivida card 5200 and 5port intranet router. getting 
>> ready to move on to 8.10 just have to make a new partition and back up 
>> my files bout 9gig so not bad.
>> This makes me wonder about several distros including FireFox 3.0 beta 
>> to replace the currently installed that is now hanging hard 
>> freeze on any opening of a RSS feed page that began few days ago.
>>> I'm really annoyed about this but I'm also aware than I haven't 
>>> enough education to understand the full implications of what's taking 
>>> place so I'd greatly appreciate a newbie-friendly analysis with an 
>>> explanation of the ramifications.
>> Yeah, ditto that
>>> Yes, in case you're wondering, I'm trying to take advantage of your 
>>> IT knowledge and experience (since I have almost none) but if I use 
>>> the information in my ezine or a blog rant I'll give you due credit.  :)
>> I only give credit first 3 times I pass it on after that .... it's up 
>> for grabs, lol
>> herb

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