[SATLUG] OT-Time Warner Download Cap

Charles Hogan cd_satl at futuretechsolutions.com
Wed Jun 4 17:28:31 CDT 2008

If you've got options where you live, I'd say explore those options.  Be 
sure to let TW know you are leaving them as a result of their download 
cap experiment.  I agree 40GB/month is not enough for what they want to 
charge.  If the caps were more reasonable, or there was actual 
competition, then it would probably be a different story...

Sean I wrote:
> I know you all have read about the test is Beaumont, 40GB Cap?  I was
> curious about every one's thoughts on this.  I for one downloaded at
> least 20GB of Linux live DVDs last month, not including a few flac
> CD's I bought online and 12GB of Family Guy Season one from
> direct2download.  Yeah and that was just one month of legal stuff.  I
> was just curious if anyone has given thought to this or if anyone see
> any upsides to this (I for one am already looking for DSL and will
> switch just because).  Any thoughts¿  Please don't flame anyone on
> this subject (except me that is OK).
> sean

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