[SATLUG] OT-Time Warner Download Cap

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Wed Jun 4 22:49:50 CDT 2008

Quoting Mark Spieth <marks at teamcmi.com>:

> More and more providers are going to have to start doing this. Bottom
> line, Bandwidth is expensive. You can't sell 2k (The ISP's Cost) worth
> of bandwidth for $34.95 a month and keep making money. A few years ago
> before streaming this and streaming that, when people used very little
> bandwith it wasn't a big deal. But with the evolution of fat downloads,
> (Hell just look at how much bandwidth it takes to update your
> computer... Redhat Enterprise 5, 400Megs after install, and windows XP
> is getting close to that.... most ISP's are seeing this as a financial
> problem.
> I helped setup a cable company's internet a few years back. The monthly
> internet bill from their various upstream providers including local
> loops were almost 250k a month, if all the users pulled just 50% of the
> 10 mb link they were sold for $34.95 the cable company would have
> needed almost 2.5 mill a month in connectivity alone.
> Just my .02
> Sean I wrote:
>> I know you all have read about the test is Beaumont, 40GB Cap?  I was
>> curious about every one's thoughts on this.  I for one downloaded at
>> least 20GB of Linux live DVDs last month, not including a few flac
>> CD's I bought online and 12GB of Family Guy Season one from
>> direct2download.  Yeah and that was just one month of legal stuff.  I
>> was just curious if anyone has given thought to this or if anyone see
>> any upsides to this (I for one am already looking for DSL and will
>> switch just because).  Any thoughts¿  Please don't flame anyone on
>> this subject (except me that is OK).
>> sean
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i know that tw has always wanted to throttle users ever since they,  
microsoft, and compaq combined on Road Runner. the trouble was the  
because of competition from dsl, they couldn't offer tiered download  
speeds so they are now going to experiment with this.

the problem is that if they are even close to successful, you'll see  
this done by more and more companies move to this. it's like the  
airlines. they want to see what they can charge you with and leave the  
consumer stuck holding the bag.

congress won't help. the conservative fcc definitely won't help and  
many consumers are stuck in locales where they cannot get anything  
other than cable...like me.

this move seems to be directed as a way to block netflix and amazon's  
downloads that tw sees as a direct threat to their vod revenue stream.

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