sudo (Was Re: [SATLUG] OpenDNS)

Jon Mark Allen jm at
Thu Jun 5 15:47:41 CDT 2008

Don Crowder wrote:
> Isn't "sudo" a Ubuntu thing?  I've never used it it though I see it
> mentioned a lot where *buntu is being discussed.

No, but it is probably most advertised there.  I've run it on RH,
Gentoo, SuSE, and Ubuntu.

It allows you to run a command as root w/o logging in as root.  It's a
nice way to implement privilege separation.

If you don't have sudo installed/configured, you can always su to root
and run the same commands in the instructions minus the 'sudo'.

But sudo is, IMO, an excellent tool to be implemented in any *nix
system.  It's a fairly straightforward config for a simple setup, but
also allows for some interesting group privs etc, if you want to get
tricky with it.


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