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Thu Jun 5 16:27:35 CDT 2008

If they are bouncing, I would just can them all.  If the intended recipients
mean to keep getting the mail, they will eventually sign up again with their
correct addresses.  Also, a number of these are ISP specific addresses, and
you know how bad it is to use your ISP mail address for anything permanent.
Some also notate disabled and no longer valid accounts.  They all look like
junk to me.


On Thu, Jun 5, 2008 at 1:39 PM, Bruce Dubbs <bruce.dubbs at gmail.com> wrote:

> I decided to take a look at the email logs from yesterday.  Here are some
> interesting entries:
> 67432693 bytes transferred
> 9648 messages sent
> 138 messages expired and returned to sender
> 964 messages removed from queue
> ----------------
> Many of the following were repeated a lot.
> Foreign Bounce:
>  To abrasax at satx.rr.com  ... Address rejected
>  To argiod at bresnan.net  ... Mail rejected by policy
>  To benjamin.temple at gmail.com ... account ... does not exist
>  To country at the-cia.net ... is not a valid mailbox
>  To cwaye at sbcglobal.net ... Addressee unknown
>  To david.lewis at cen.amedd.army.mil  ... Mailbox unavailable or access
> denied
>  To don at sanantoniotx.com ... Recipient address rejected
>  To dudenik at mail.wireweb.net ... relay not permitted
>  To fakie_flip2000 at yahoo.com ... account has been disabled
>  To herbc at txcyber.com ... User unknown
>  To hstreit at swri.edu ... Mailbox unavailable or access denied
>  To jadukor at gawab.com ... User account disabled for being inactive
>  To jayjones at judsonatkinsoncandies.com ... Mailbox disabled
>  To jgrafton at mac.com ... unknown or illegal alias
>  To jim180 at swbell.net ... Addressee unknown
>  To joe.craig at earthlink.net ... User unknown
>  To listylist at unwiredbuyer.com ... User unknown
>  To mikie at halo5.net ... User unknown
>  To mjmartinez at cebridge.net ... rejected as confirmed spam
>  To pfc_morgan at hotmail.com ...  mailbox unavailable
>  To ramadoss at gbronline.com ... Relay access
>  To satlug at gmail.com ... illegal attachment ???
>  To steve_troudt at usawide.net ... not a valid mailbox
>  To txrose at mail.dragon-designs.net ... User unknown
>  To uncouchi1994 at 7Bar.com ... Message rejected.
>  To way at openken.com ... invalid address
>  To wsimonds at satx.rr.com ... Address rejected
>  To yg2893 at sbc.com ... Invalid recipient
> Does anyone see a reason *not* to delete these addresses from the mailing
> list?
> ------------
> Messages rejected:
>  Domain not found 9860 Time(s)
>  Mail server in loopback network 2 Time(s)
>  need fully-qualified address 1 Time(s)
>  undeliverable address: Host or domain name not found. 1 Time(s)
>  unknown[] 1 Time(s)
>  A lot of undeliverable address: host <varies>  probably spam
>  Lots rejected by spamhaus, etc
>  -- Bruce
> --
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