[SATLUG] broken cpu pin fell off

Chris Lemire good_bye300 at yahoo.com
Thu Jun 5 18:30:32 CDT 2008

For the broken cpu pin, we've decided on this. It was
supposed to be coming in in 2 days ,but somehow that
got changed to the Tuesday, and we still aren't really


Asus mobo, supposed to be good from what I heard
Slightly faster mobo
Drawback only 1 pci-e 16 x slot ( I may never have ran
sli sense its more efficient to upgrade)
Should be able to bootup my current Fedora 9 in raid,
but I'm not sure if Wintendo is going to need a
reinstalling, POS. What are your thoughts? Good, Back,
Good deal? It's better than what I had minus the SLI capabilities.


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