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Fri Jun 6 19:38:23 CDT 2008

Don Crowder wrote:

> I submit that Verizon is trying to feed me sponsored links on URL errors 
> but, as annoying as it is, I don't have to click on any of them.  I can 
> (and do) merely hit my back button and try again.  Am I correct in 
> assuming that you feel this minor annoyance is preferable to trusting 
> OpenDNS?

They are both problems, because they use the same technology to achieve the 
same goals in pretty much the same way, and both are vulnerable to the same 
kinds of DNS cache poisoning and spear phishing attacks.

Between those two providers, I'm not sure it makes that much difference.

This is why I think you should run your own local caching nameserver (which 
you secure against use and abuse by external parties), at which point you're 
pretty much immune to anything the attackers may try to do to customers 
using nameservers from either Verizon or OpenDNS.

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