[SATLUG] Re: Introduction of Myself and Linux for Newbies

K. Reginald Buckner buckmiester35 at gmail.com
Sat Jun 7 07:53:26 CDT 2008

> Hello my name is Reggie Buckner. I saw Daniel's bit about Linux for Newbies
> and VMs. First I will like to share that I want to learn Linux in depth. I
> started as a San Antonio College student last year but I got discouraged
> about getting hands on experience to put on a resume. I been striking out
> trying to learn on my own but I want to meet others out there who know could
> help to enlighten me.
> About Linux for newbies:
>   . Linux for Newbies - As a newbie I found that it was hard to get
> started. The How tos on the net was not helpful enough. I used Sun OS,
> Solaris, SCO Unix, AIX and HP-UX in my past but I did not understand things
> like:
>  Differences between commands/ etc in Debian based linux and Red Hat based
> linux. Specifically  the hardware detection in Red Hat based Linux (
> anaconda and kudzu) does not recognize a lot of things like Debian does.
> Knoppix ( a debian based) can detect with exactness all the hardware and
> specs. Ubuntu does this as well. I am not sure where Puppy Linux falls but
> it detects hardware good.
>  Package management is different - rpm ( red hat package manager format) is
> for Red Hat based. deb is the package system for Debian. rpm  commands and
> yum works well in red hat ( fedora, centOS) but you have to use dpkg and apt
> in Debian. I found out these and many more things as a newbie from hours and
> hours of hands on trial and error. Not one bit of help or mentoring or stuff
> in some document. I did find some stuff in forums and a little bit here and
> there on web pages. But no overall guide to help newbies. Anybody would like
> to get together and put together a HOWTO for newbies?
> Reggie

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