[SATLUG] Re: Introduction of Myself and Linux for Newbies

herb cee hc at lookcee.com
Sat Jun 7 09:42:52 CDT 2008

Hello Reggie, I will just say welcome to this list as a fellow newb.

I dunno what else to say to you because your two post confused me.

Perhaps it would help if you told us what 'distro' of Linux you are 
trying to learn. Also a computer is generally used for a purpose and so 
the distro you choose to begin with should be oriented toward your purpose.

I do understand your frustration trying to learn from various documents 
on the web. It is like a huge library and maybe if you used google and 
start asking your specific question you can narrow down what to read 
from thousands of pages on almost any subject.

I have learned a lot from just lurking and reading every post to this 
list for past year plus. I have learned that detailed expert help is 
available here and if you will ask your question in a specific way you 
will be helped. You need to state the basic specs of the computer you 
are using to learn on and the Linux distro and version number. For 
instance I use a P-IV 1.7g CPU with 1.2G of ddr RAM, I have a Nivida 
5200 graphics card and am using a router to conect to the DSL modem. I 
am using Ubuntu 7.10 and I am planning to upgrade to version 8.04. I 
also have played some with other distros but I think Ubuntu fits me better.

When I first arrived on this list that was the first advice I got was to 
pick a distro that fitted my needs best. I gave up on Fedora based on 
that and found that Ubuntu worked better for me.

I dunno if this helps or not but I wish you good luck.

K. Reginald Buckner wrote:
>> Hello my name is Reggie Buckner. I saw Daniel's bit about Linux for Newbies
>> and VMs. First I will like to share that I want to learn Linux in depth. I
>> started as a San Antonio College student last year but I got discouraged
>> about getting hands on experience to put on a resume. I been striking out
>> trying to learn on my own but I want to meet others out there who know could
>> help to enlighten me.
>> About Linux for newbies:
>>   . Linux for Newbies - As a newbie I found that it was hard to get
>> started. The How tos on the net was not helpful enough. I used Sun OS,
>> Solaris, SCO Unix, AIX and HP-UX in my past but I did not understand things
>> like:
>>  Differences between commands/ etc in Debian based linux and Red Hat based
>> linux. Specifically  the hardware detection in Red Hat based Linux (
>> anaconda and kudzu) does not recognize a lot of things like Debian does.
>> Knoppix ( a debian based) can detect with exactness all the hardware and
>> specs. Ubuntu does this as well. I am not sure where Puppy Linux falls but
>> it detects hardware good.
>>  Package management is different - rpm ( red hat package manager format) is
>> for Red Hat based. deb is the package system for Debian. rpm  commands and
>> yum works well in red hat ( fedora, centOS) but you have to use dpkg and apt
>> in Debian. I found out these and many more things as a newbie from hours and
>> hours of hands on trial and error. Not one bit of help or mentoring or stuff
>> in some document. I did find some stuff in forums and a little bit here and
>> there on web pages. But no overall guide to help newbies. Anybody would like
>> to get together and put together a HOWTO for newbies?
>> Reggie

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