[SATLUG] Re: Linux OS as basis for Network Management

Brad Knowles brad at shub-internet.org
Sat Jun 7 13:21:49 CDT 2008

On 6/7/08, K. Reginald Buckner wrote:

>  Can someone enlightnen me?  Can Linux OS be used in a network manangement
>  since?

Sure.  All Unix and Unix-like OSes can be used as network management 
tools, or part of a larger network management system.  However, a 
great deal depends on the specific software you're looking at running.

>  For example can you use it like for HP Openview or Cisco Works? Or is there
>  an equal open source program that can monitor things like routers, switches,
>  leased circuits, bandwidth, etc?

Considering that HP is a major vendor of Linux boxes, I'd imagine 
there is a version of HP OpenView for Linux.  Not so sure about Cisco 
Works.  But in any event, there are similar tools available for a 
variety of platforms.

What specific features are you looking for?

>  I am trying to understand the conversation about caching too. Please help?

That should be in a separate thread, not this one.

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