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Brad Knowles brad at
Sat Jun 7 13:26:14 CDT 2008

On 6/7/08, Daniel J. Givens wrote:

>  No, certainly it's not unique to Linux. What is your distinction
>  between "application" and "command"? To me, an application is a piece
>  of software.

But a piece of software in what form?

>                A command is how you run an application. If you look at the
>  GNU coreutils tarball, su.c is a stand-on-its-own application.

However, su.c is a piece of source code that, in and of itself, 
cannot do anything.  It must first be compiled into a binary object 
form that can then be used to do something.

>                                                                  The
>  way you put it makes it sound, to me, like its inherently part of
>  something else like cd, alias, set, etc are to bash. Maybe so on other
>  systems, but not on systems using the GNU version of su.

Most shells have their own built-in versions of cd, etc... but there 
are also binary external equivalents.  So, the external binary for 
"su" is no different in this regard than the external binary for 
"cd".  There may not be a shell built-in for "su" like there is for 
"cd", but since you can supply a full path to the binary in both 
cases, that's not relevant to this question.

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