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Brad Knowles brad at shub-internet.org
Sat Jun 7 13:35:22 CDT 2008

On 6/7/08, Todd W. Bucy wrote:

>            Why should I pay or a $3000 dollar Mac and $650 for Photoshop
>  for Mac to do something that I can do with a $1500 computer and $0 for
>  Gimp?

If your time and "sweat equity" is worth nothing, then this equation 
makes sense.

However, if you are a graphics professional and each hour of your 
time is worth thousands of dollars to your clients, then you need to 
have tools available to you to make that investment worthwhile.  You 
need a tool that can be used to create photo-realistic pictures in 
under five minutes.

My brother-in-law has done it.  I've seen his work.  You've seen his 
work too -- you know all those various different flavours of Lays 
potato chips where they mix two flavours in the same bag?  His idea, 
his graphic design work.  Last year, he showed me some of the 
mock-ups they made in-house to demonstrate to the customer what the 
result might look like, and you *cannot* tell the difference between 
them and the stuff that is currently available -- if you could, then 
they wouldn't be good enough mock-ups.

He also did the design work and supervised the construction of all of 
the life-sized Star Wars figures for the combined promotion between 
Lucas Films and Pepsi for Episode 1, including Darth Maul, Watto, and 
Jar Jar Binks.  They were never supposed to do Yoda, but once George 
met my brother-in-law and was convinced that he really got it, and 
might be capable of doing Yoda properly, then he was added to the 
cast of characters to be created.

>        If the question is speed, then with an investment of sweat equity
>  and $500 more dollars I can go out get 5 used XBoxes from my local pawn
>  shop and create a render farm with a distro such as Dyne:Bolic.  It is
>  for these reasons that my cost/benefit analysis says that Gimp is better
>  then Photoshop.

Speed of the computer is not the problem.  Speed and talent of the 
artist in being able to compensate for what the computer software 
cannot do, that is the problem.

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