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Way back when I was told that an internal command was embedded into the 
basic booted system and if you used a command name of a file in the 
\'DOS'\directory that was explained in detail inside the 2" thick 
printed manual that came with the floppy's that were used to create the 
boot disk it was an external command but that was DOS ... I dunno from 
way back when Linus did Linux from UNIX model ...

These folks say external and internal kind of command.


What is an external / internal command?


In MS-DOS there are two types of commands. An Internal command, which is 
a command embedded into the file, and an external command, 
which is not embedded into and therefore requires a separate 
file to be used.

For example, if your computer does not have fdisk.exe and you try using 
the fdisk command, you would receive an error "Bad command or file 
name." Fdisk is an external command that will only work if fdisk.exe, or 
in some cases,, is present.

However, as long as MS-DOS is running on your computer internal commands 
such as the cd command <> will 
always be available and does not require any other files to run.

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