[SATLUG] Re: VMs and Linux Newbies

Daniel Villarreal dvprogs at gmail.com
Tue Jun 10 16:21:21 CDT 2008

Hi Reggie,

First and foremost, just try to get experience using GNU/Linux, even if
you're just booting from a Knoppix DVD-ROM...
If you have any questions about "cooking" an .iso file, please let me know.

Secondly, If you're having issues with one type of virtualization software,
I recommend you try other virtualization products. I was able to use VMWare
player very quickly. You install it in MS Windows, then download a VM and
unpack it into a directory, point VMWare at it and you're running GNU/Linux
in a VM as easy as that.

If you're having issues with Fedora9, you might verify the .iso file before
you cook it, usually checksums are available from the download area... Also,
I recommend trying a lighter distribution, some of my favorites are
TinyMe2008 from PCLinuxOS, and damnsmalllinux.

As for differences in different flavors of GNU/Linux and Un*x varieties,
check out
Search for "System V" +BSD in your favorite search engine.

The different GNU/Linux distributions vary mainly in the programs they
provide and the packaging/updating methods. For example, RedHat/CentOS has
specific commands for certain administrative processes that the others

As for experience to put on a resume, I recommend you get involved with
local computer clubs. Some charge dues, that's all up to you, but I highly
recommend the local open-source oriented clubs that don't charge dues,
namely SATLUG (http://satlug.org) , XCSSA (http://xcssa.org/), and hopefully
others, if they exist. It would be good for you to attend the club meetings,
any installfests, computer show-type events you can, it's always good to
volunteer for club functions.

take care,

*VMKnoppix *(this features the latest Knoppix 5.3.1) is a collection of
Virtual Machine Software...

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