[SATLUG] Preferred web frontend?

FIRESTORM_v1 firestorm.v1 at gmail.com
Thu Jun 12 23:18:08 CDT 2008

Good evening Everyone!

I'm getting ready to overhaul the web server and bring online a new
website http://www.yourwarrantyisvoid.com for all my hacking/modding

In the past I have used PHP-Nuke on my existing site
http://www.theratshack.net but after the 4th time of deleting news
articles where some idiot had SQL injected a zero delay HTTP redirect,
I grew tired of it and reduced the site to regular HTML.

Since I'm overhauling the server (currently running RH6.2, stop
laughing) I was thinking about putting Ubuntu Server on it and have
been quite pleased with Ubuntu in general. Now that I'll be running  a
more current PHP version along with a greatly updated Apache server,
I'm thinking of trying some new web frontends.

I've tried PHP-Nuke, and a friend of mine recommended another suite,
Joomla, but I'm a bit apprehensive. Google returns too many frontends
to count, but I'm looking for a simple yet effective frontend that I
don't have to babysit.

So, what are your recommendations?  Success?  Horror stories? Things
that you wish you knew at the time but know now?

Thank you!


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