[SATLUG] Re: Linux Games: SATLUG Digest, Vol 52, Issue 60

Marc Ripley misteratomic at gmail.com
Fri Jun 13 08:58:02 CDT 2008


How can my fellow penguinos not mention Spring TA in this noteworthy list???


Remember Total Annihilation?
This is a rewrite of that fantastic game written so most modern
platforms can play it natively.

I use my linux box to play it against my friends who have not jumped from XP.
It actually plays better in linux as I can boost the graphics and have
faster frame rates with additional eye candy.

Oh, and ETQW is a shining example of a company having both xp/vista,
mac, and linux clients.
Hey, is there not a native linux client for Freespace as well?


Hold on there.  On you list you have the latest UT game?  I thought
the linux client was bogged down in some legal muck.

Marc R.

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> Seems like a lot of Linux users aren't gamers or just not so many. I wish someone could get into m$ servers again and take latest directx code like they did windows 2k, and then wine could use it.
> Jonathan Hull <masterr at gmail.com> wrote: Sure, it's not all the games, but it's not none. Just trying to point
> out that there are games out there.
> And I don't think it's all id games. I see epic and bioware too.
> It's not every game, and I wouldn't say if you are just a gamer to use
> Linux, but it's not none.
> -jon
> On 5/26/08, Todd W. Bucy  wrote:
>>  > Not many notable native Linux games? There are a lot. Just to name a
>>  > few commercial games
>>  >
>>  > Unreal/UT/UT2k3/UT2k4 and soon to be UT3
>>  > Quake 1,2,3,4
>>  > Doom 1,2,3,3roe
>>  > Neverwinter Nights 1 and all expansions
>>  > Postal 2
>>  > RTCW
>>  > Wolfenstein Enemy Territories
>>  > Enemy Territories Quake Wars
>>  > Second Life
>>  > Descent 3
>>  > Duke 3D
>>  > Metal of Honor Allied Assault
>>  > Myth II: Soulblighter
>>  > Savage 1 & 2
>>  > Soldier of Fortune
>>  > Tribes 1 & 2
>>  > Vendetta Online
>>  > X, X2
>>  >
>> Your list kinda proves my point.  Most of these games are several years
>>  behind.  And with the notable exception of the id software titles
>>  (Quake, Doom, and Wolfenstien) most game houses release their titles on
>>  M$ and don't even think of offering a Linux version.  All one has to do
>>  is look at any current issue of PC Gamer to see that Linux is not even
>>  on the radar screen as far as games are concerned.  Please don't get me
>>  wrong all of the above listed games are great but most have long since
>>  been relegated to the bargain bin at EB Games.  Personally, I would like
>>  to see a major gaming houses (other then id Software) begin to release
>>  native Linux versions of their games concurrently with the M$ versions.
>>  When this begins to occur I will be convinced of Linux having any sort
>>  of impact upon the gamer arena; outside of the game servers of course.
>>  Till then its suffer with wine or dual boot a wintendo and suffer with
>>  M$.
>>  Todd

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