[SATLUG] Satlug stuff from 4+ years ago

syn syn at syn-recon.net
Fri Jun 13 15:26:20 CDT 2008

Geoff wrote:
>>> i don't know if it ever made it to the list, but I was asking about the
>>> 'honey-pot' not more than a week or so ago...
>>> what ever happened with that?
>> We got space from Stic.net, I had actually bought a Pix 501 and we had
>> some hardware lined up, but then they where bought out/closed down and
>> then Bram passed away.  I think there was a mailing list for it once
>> upon a time too.
> I don't know about the rest of the list, but I think that the need for
> such a device is a prevalent today as it was 4 years ago.
> I wonder if we could do the same thing with Rackspace or ServerBeach
> offering us space?

We tried that back then, the fact that the box is basically sitting 
there to be compromised and could some how manage to DoS out worried 
everyone a bit and we could never get any equipment :)  Easiest way to 
get started would probably to find someone with a static ip or two to 
spare and room in their bedroom closet for 2 more boxes and a fw.

(Disclaimer: I work at rackspace)

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