[SATLUG] Re: [XCSSA] Data Recovery help!

Tweeks tweeksjunk2 at theweeks.org
Sat Jun 14 02:14:19 CDT 2008

On Saturday 14 June 2008 01:10:12 am X-otic Computer Systems of San Antonio 
> I was sadly informed by the WD Smart Monitoring app that my WD MyBook
> 500GB HD that I've had less than a year is critically failing.  Any
> attempts to copy any data off results in a "I/O Device Error" in
> Windows.  Yeah, I'm boned.

Is it a Windows or Linux (ext3) partition?

Before you pull it out of the freezer.. I would recommend:
-an identical or slightly larger "blank" drive to clone to
-image the old drive to the new drive (unmounted)
 -boot your windows bxo with Knoppix and use	
	dd if=/dev/<first-drive> of=/dev/<second-drive>
 NOTE: dd isn't great for this.. I would strongly recommend "dd_rescue". 
	See here for more info:
	In a nut shell, it is much more tolerant (and good at) cloning 
	from a bad or failing drive. ;)  I think it comes on Knoppix. 
	See here for an overview:
-ONLY OPERATE/RECOVER data on the CLONED drive..
 NOTE: If possible.. I do TWO clones.. One as a read-only backup 
 	and one as my "get it/save it/use it" drive.  The old/original
	dive I keep around until I'm happy with the recovery.  After you 
	recover all the data to the third drive, the second clone is now
	useless but can be configured as a RAID-1 mirror to keep hardware
	from biting in the 455 again.. ;)

> I'm desperate!! I'm looking for ANY solution to get the data off that
> drive, even if I have to install some bastardized version of QNX and
> mesh it with BSD to allow me to read this drive so I can pull the
> 300+GB data off of it and onto another machine on the network.


BTW.. After you clone it... if it IS ext3, and you get journal errors.. ONLY 
mount it as "-t ext2" and "-o ro" (read only).  Much better chance of getting 
your data back.

hose all your data (or lose it to lost+found).


<tsk tsk tsk>.. Matt.. you of all people should have known better than to 
trust a single device with no hardware availability or data availability plan  
in place!   I bet you'll do backups and run a mirror now eh? ;)

> P.S.  So, WD is crap now, what HD manufacturers do you recommend?
> Seagate any good?

MD has been crap for years.. but then so is Seagate's low end.. Get Seagate's 
new high end "Enterprise SATA" drives.. Fast.. and much safer (vibration 
protection, etc).

Good luck man..

p.s. You might want to invest in one of these.. I got mine for Xmas and have 
already used it to save several people's "assets"... ;)

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