[SATLUG] Data Recovery help!

Daniel Villarreal dvprogs at gmail.com
Sat Jun 14 12:34:37 CDT 2008


Download and cook a boot-up CD-ROM or DVD-ROM such as...



In Linux you can run many apps to cook a CD-ROM/DVD-ROM, such as K3b,
there's lots.

If you have enough RAM and one CD-Burner, for example, you could boot up an
older version of Knoppix

using Knoppix toram option

See http://www.knoppix.net/wiki/Live_CD_Tips for more information

1. Hook up an additional hard drive to back up to, configuring it for cable
select or whatever mode you need to set it to.

2. Boot up with latest Knoppix or SystemRescueCD if possible.

With System Rescue CD you can mount NTFS partition

using something like "ntfs-3g /dev/sda1 /mount/sda1"

Copy information over

# cp -pr /media/sda1 /mount/sda1/ && sync && sync && sync

In another term window you can watch the progress...

# watch ls -la /mount/sda1/

The && tells the system to do another command upon completion of the
previous command.

Don't do anything till the command line returns. Even then I'd do a few more
"sync" commands just to be sure.

Then turn off the system and remove the failing drive.

Boot up with the boot CD-ROM/DVD-ROM again and make sure everything is

take care,

Daniel V.


Date: Sat, 14 Jun 2008 01:10:12 -0500
From: FIRESTORM_v1 <firestorm.v1 at gmail.com>
Subject: [SATLUG] Data Recovery help!
I was sadly informed by the WD Smart Monitoring app that my WD MyBook
500GB HD that I've had less than a year is critically failing. Any
attempts to copy any data off results in a "I/O Device Error" in
Windows. Yeah, I'm boned.

I'm desperate!! I'm looking for ANY solution to get the data off that

P.S. So, WD is crap now, what HD manufacturers do you recommend?
Seagate any good?

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