[SATLUG] Data Recovery help!

ed horned0wl93 at gmail.com
Sat Jun 14 16:32:02 CDT 2008

FIRESTORM_v1 wrote:
>  I was sadly informed by the WD Smart Monitoring app that my WD MyBook
>  500GB HD that I've had less than a year is critically failing.  Any
>  attempts to copy any data off results in a "I/O Device Error" in
>  Windows.  Yeah, I'm boned.
>  I'm desperate!! I'm looking for ANY solution to get the data off that
>  drive, even if I have to install some bastardized version of QNX and
>  mesh it with BSD to allow me to read this drive so I can pull the
>  300+GB data off of it and onto another machine on the network.
>  The hard drive is the External USB 2.0 MyBook 500GB edition.  I went
>  so far as to extract the drive from the case to find out that it's a
>  regular SATA drive.  I can see  the root directory structure in
>  Windows XP, but any attempt to copy any directories results in an IO
>  error.  The drive doesn't appear to have any physical crash issues, no
>  scraping or kathunk click of death sounds coming from it.
>  I've got the drive in the icebox right now, praying I can get the data
>  off after it cools.  My last 7 years of my computing/hacking/linux
>  life are on that drive and it's the biggest drive on the LAN, but I
>  can spread the data off of it onto other chunks throughout the LAN.  I
>  haven't had a hard drive critically fail on me in the past four years,
>  now all of a sudden my biggest HD dies.
>  Please help!!
>  P.S.  So, WD is crap now, what HD manufacturers do you recommend?
>  Seagate any good?

I've also just had a WD 250GB hard drive give up the ghost, with several 
years of acquired media content on it.  Its bad enough that is blocks my 
Windoze server from booting; It spins-up nicely in a USB external 
housing, but won't read - even on a Linux box. Any clues on that?


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