[SATLUG] XCSSA Meeting, Monday 7pm at SAC: Microcontroller Hacking and NetBSD Net Booting!

Tweeks tweeksjunk2 at theweeks.org
Sun Jun 15 22:57:44 CDT 2008

FYI... Tomorrow night's XCSSA meeting at SAC:


                Xotic Computer Systems of San Antonio *
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Hey all..

If you missed last months' cool meeting on microcontroller hacking:

well we're having a related (and way cool demo) this month... PLUS our own 
John Baker will another installment/attempt at doing a live NetBSD net-boot & 
net-install demo!

First up:

1) NetBSD Net Booting and Installation (presentation starts EARLY at 6pm)
By: John Baker
John is actually starting his presentation between his class and the formal 
XCSSA meeting at 6pm (room 025).  He is actually going to set up a LAN 
bubble, run his own DHCP/bootp/tftp/NFS 
server to boot strap the machine he's installing NetBSD on, NFS mapping his 
own source repo, and compiling/installing NetBSD completely diskless (over he 
network).  You can glean a lot about the underpinnings of UN*X and networking 
services from this one demo!

next up...

2) "Building a ZIFduino Microcontroller Board" from Kit
By: Tweeks
Nothing too formal.. just a quick step by step guide on how to assemble a 
ZIFduino microcontroller board from kit:
But with his own photos...
Tweeks will describe:
  * Basic knowledge level needed to get into Arduino μ-controllers
  * Why ZIFduino vs Diecimila vs the Nano versions of Arduino?
  * Observations on PIC vs Arduino vs raw ATmel-AVR programming
  * Example applications (stuff you can make)

Tweeks might also show a brief demo of compiling some example code for 
basic "flashing lights" just for the geek satisfaction.  Kind of like last 

next... Eat Pizza and Shift Gears!

3) Arduino Application Show-n-Tell/Demo time!:  
"Why microelectronics are cool: high altitude balloon automation"
By: Chris Snell
Chris won't be doing a formal presentation, but will be sitting by after 
tweeks' demo/talk to show off how he's using the arduino microcontroller to 
control his high altitude (like 100k ft high!) HAM+Arduino pan/tilt remote 
digital photo/video camera!  He's prepared to show-n-tell regarding:
  * What is a high altitude balloon and why on earth would you build one?
  * Basics of HA balloon design
  * Building an automated payload with Arduino (Robots...they're everywhere!!)
  * My Balloon launch plans
  * Brief blurb on ham radio

Sounds like another fun month!

Location Map:

See ya there!

Pres. of XCSSA.ORG

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