[SATLUG] Preferred web frontend?

Leo E. Midha leoem at stealth3.com
Mon Jun 16 21:47:20 CDT 2008

FIRESTORM_v1 wrote:
> My goal isn't something like a blog, but more like Slashdot, although
> new user registrations are going to be disabled.
> The idea is something not "blogish" like wordpress, but does support
> tagging articles.  I was thinking about hacking in tags support into
> PHP-Nuke, but then again, that whole nuke thing......
> I'd prefer to stick with LAMP, as I am decently versed in each, well
> maybe not so much in Apache, but better in the other three. :P  I'm
> sorry, i thought about specifying that after I hit "submit".
> I suppose that if push comes to shove, I could whip up something
> together and hide the "submission form" behind a piece of code that
> detects if I'm coming from inside the home network.
> If push comes to shove, I can provision a VM and try out Ruby on
> Rails, although my first guess would be that it has something to do
> about red colored trains, hence my initial apprehension.

Maybe want to look into Plone CMS.  This CMS runs on top of Zope, which 
is a python frame works.


Leo E Midha

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