[SATLUG] U want some Wine with that

luis luis at luisgarza.com
Tue Jun 17 22:47:28 CDT 2008

Well, here is some very good and interesting news!

Wine, a windows emulator that has been around for many years and done
something different ... unique even.

They are no longer naming their releases with 0.9XXX or release
candidate rcX.  Instead they have released:

Version 1.0

The open source software, sponsored by CodeWeavers, has finally done
something that they have not done in over 10 years.  They have committed
to a fully baked open source version for anyone to download and use.
Now we can run TurboTax or Quicken (or not).


Though CodeWeavers does have a commercial version called CrossOver which
supports more of Microsoft's software like Office, they feel that Wine
has matured enough to be uncorked and served to the masses.

Now we can say:
Do you want some Wine with that cheese(y software)?

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