[SATLUG] What more good news Firefox 3.0

luis luis at luisgarza.com
Tue Jun 17 23:47:54 CDT 2008

Who needs wine, when I have beer and a new version of Firefox.

As many of you know, Ubuntu Hardy Herin comes with Firefox 3.0 beta.
Many complained; Why install a beta version of a software with a fully
functioning version already exists.  Well, Firefox has released Version
3.0 today.

For me, the biggest thing that I have noticed is when I type something
in the location bar, it tries to auto complete the URL in a drop down
menu.  The drop down menu also includes a description of the URL.  It
was annoying at first but I kinda like it now.  Also it has a "Most
Viewed" icon.  It seems to remember where you went, how often and
displays it for you.  I like it a lot.  I do get a chuckle on those who
hate it because it remembers which ones are your favorite porn sites.
(HeHe ... My advise to them ... just don't go there).

Other then that, its the same Firefox.

Who has downloaded it?  What are features to you like the most.  Which
do you dislike?

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