[SATLUG] What more good news Firefox 3.0

herb cee hc at lookcee.com
Wed Jun 18 09:51:41 CDT 2008

luis wrote:
> Who needs wine, when I have beer and a new version of Firefox.
> As many of you know, Ubuntu Hardy Herin comes with Firefox 3.0 beta.
> Many complained; Why install a beta version of a software with a fully
> functioning version already exists.  Well, Firefox has released Version
> 3.0 today.
> For me, the biggest thing that I have noticed is when I type something
> in the location bar, it tries to auto complete the URL in a drop down
> menu.  The drop down menu also includes a description of the URL.  It
> was annoying at first but I kinda like it now.  Also it has a "Most
> Viewed" icon.  It seems to remember where you went, how often and
> displays it for you.  I like it a lot.  I do get a chuckle on those who
> hate it because it remembers which ones are your favorite porn sites.
> (HeHe ... My advise to them ... just don't go there).
> Other then that, its the same Firefox.
> Who has downloaded it?  What are features to you like the most.  Which
> do you dislike?

I like the most visited tab and faster loading, plus it resolved the 
audio and video problems I was having with the older version. The 
bookmarks control window is changed more like standard file manager 
layout, dunno if I like it better or not.

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