[SATLUG] What more good news Firefox 3.0

John Kirby johnrkirby at gmail.com
Wed Jun 18 11:06:53 CDT 2008

Got it yesterday, and I absolutely love it. The "Awesomebar" auto-complete
is nice, and I've found that skipping the first couple letters of the site
and starting in the middle of a word gives really quick results. I mean, my
auto-complete doesn't do much good when I'm looking for, say "Ubuntu Satanic
Version" (it's a theme, rather than a distro) if I start with "Ubu", 'cause
I get the Ubuntu homepage, forums, etc... On the other hand, if I just go
with "atani", it pulls up the site immediately.

Love the speed, can't wait for all my plug-ins to be up to date.

Mozilla has hit another home run, I think.

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