[SATLUG] What more good news Firefox 3.0

Gabriel Doss gabe at gabrieldoss.com
Wed Jun 18 12:26:09 CDT 2008

Well, we just passed the 24-hour mark and according to Download
Counter<http://downloadcounter.sj.mozilla.com/>Firefox passed 7.8
million downloads.

Overall pretty darn happy. I would love the bookmarks changes if I didn't
already use del.icio.us. A few missing extensions, but those will come along
(especially Firebug and Tabs Mix Plus). Plugin/extension/theme manager is
much better.

Google Reader is like a new program now. It runs amazingly well--like I
always wanted it to. Gmail is significantly faster, though still some
lagging, especially when scrolling down (not up) in threaded conversation.

MLB.com was another problem site (huge Oakland A's fan). Stories would be
shoved over to the right to the point I had to scroll over to read them. I'm
assuming a CSS issue that has been resolved.

Some minor cool things like being able to change mailto to gmail via
about:config instead of an additional extension.


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