[SATLUG] Linux Client DNS Hostname Lookup Problem (reverse dns)

jaret jaret at aberlorn.com
Wed Jun 18 14:29:02 CDT 2008

Geoff wrote:
> jaret wrote:
>>> I might have missed this previously but, whats in /etc/resolv.conf ? 
>>> If your system is grabbing an IP via DHCP you might wanna check to
>>> make sure nameservers are being provided.
>>> Florian
>> My resolv.conf is good. The network admin came over and we looked at
>> it together and did different ping tests. I can ping the IP of other
>> computers in the network. It's just the windows-dns server that
>> doesn't communicate with my linux laptop.
> just for reference, Jaret... my resolv.conf points to the ip address of
> the domain name server.  There are two lines that are something like:
> domain hostname.ext
> nameserver umerical.ip.address.to.hostname.ext (ie:
> you could point it to  -  I don't remember who that belongs to,
> but it's a nameserver.
My resolv.conf looks like this, where search NAME points to the 
nameserver IP:

nameserver #.#.#.#

I double-checked my settings... Your box uses "domain" whereas mine has 
"search". I don't think that makes a difference. When using the full 
hostname I still cannot ping the DNS server from Linux.  I can ping 
using Win XP using both hostname and ip.

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