[SATLUG] DDRmemory cooling

herb cee hc at lookcee.com
Wed Jun 18 22:10:35 CDT 2008


In just adding 2gb of 266DDR Ram and not using A/C I need to be 
concerned with this potential problem. I googled but the results are 
over my head: example ...


I can express my question as this: If I have 3 slots of PC2100-DDR max 
3gb on VIA mobo
This is from the VIA manual
The VIA P4XB-RA and P4XB-SA mainboards
are based around the VIA Apollo P4X266A chipset,
which brings support for high-performance DDR266
SDRAM to the Intel® Pentium® 4 platform.
Main Memory
• 3 x 184-pin DDR DIMM slots.
• Supports up to 3GB of DDR266 SDRAM (PC2100/PC1600).
• Supports 2.5v DDR266 SDRAM.
DDR Module Installation
You can install either single sided or double sided 184-pin DDR DIMM mod-
ules into DDR DIMM, depending on your requirements.

I want to stuff all 3 slots with dbl-sided, so absolutely I want to cool 
these 3 modules. (?Right now I HAVE RAM-0 STUFFED-dbl-sided. I have 
Ram-1 filled w 256mb so what is recommended by actual experience?)

I already know what to do on a beefed up AGP graphics card from current 
Nivida 5200. So I am maxing out my main box hoping to be happy for 
another year .... since all I will increase in usage will be Graphics 

This mobo design in looking at the Memory usage monitor shows most all 
background in being run below .4gb and Swap is very seldom used in fact 
I have to load more than one download, way beyond my requirement use, in 
order to even get the swap used.

Thanks herb

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