[SATLUG] DDRmemory cooling

Geoff geofff at w5omr.shacknet.nu
Thu Jun 19 01:26:24 CDT 2008

herb cee wrote:
> I want to stuff all 3 slots with dbl-sided, so absolutely I want to
> cool these 3 modules. (?Right now I HAVE RAM-0 STUFFED-dbl-sided. I
> have Ram-1 filled w 256mb so what is recommended by actual experience?)

seems I remember reading somewhere that /swap should be around half of
your RAM.  That just doesn't sound right, but my swap size is around
256mb and I've got a total of 512mb of ram.  (*shrug*)  someone around
here knows.

Personally, I wouldn't think that RAM draws enough current to heat up
what warrants the needs of any special cooling, Herb. 

While you're inside the machine however, it would be prudent on your
part to perform some preventive maintenance.  Grab your can of
compressed air, and spray all around inside and a generous blast or two
over the motherboard to get that thin layer of dust that builds up, out
of there.  Then, get the vacuum cleaner out and suck out the dirt from
the exhaust fan.  Make sure the air flow entry holes are clean, and the
exhaust area is free and clean. 

You might could put another fan in the box.  Have it draw the air in
from the air inlet area.  Make sure your exhaust and power supply fan
are working properly to draw the warm air out.


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