[SATLUG] RR blocking port 21 & 80?

Geoff geofff at w5omr.shacknet.nu
Thu Jun 19 09:31:19 CDT 2008

Zeb Fletcher wrote:
> Read this page https://www.dyndns.com/support/kb/webhops_redirections.htmlit
> might be what your looking for.

and all would be fine and dandy, until rr.com decides to check out your
ip address to see if you're running a server.

I redirect the default ports here.  when someone tries the domain name,
without specifying the redirected http port I've set up (non-standard
number) then they'll get a 'site not found' reply.

I'm afraid that if someone uses the ip address then the domain server
redirection service, offered by dyndns.org would bring the snooping
rr.com to my site and then give them credence to say 'THOUST AGREED TO

Feh...  I'll stick with what's worked for the last 7 years.

On the SuSE Thread, I meant to add that I've been using SuSE since
version 7.0 came out... and I'm still learning.

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